Daniel Joseph Vineyards


All of our wine is made at Pallet Wine Co. in Medford, Oregon. Dan and Olivia partnered with winemaker Linda Donovan to found Pallet in 2009. The goal was to fill southern Oregon’s growing need for a dedicated, state of the art, custom crush winery. The perfect space for this venture came in the form of the historic Cooley-Neff building, in downtown Medford. With a little modification, this 2-story, 21,000 square foot warehouse was transformed into a full-service winery, equipped to receive and process grapes, bottle finished wine, and all steps in between.

Since its humble beginnings, Pallet has grown beyond anyone’s expectations, and has expanded twice to accommodate its growing roster of clients. These expansions allowed for the opening of  The Urban Cork, a tasting room where visitors can taste the wide variety of wines produced at Pallet, including all of Daniel Joseph Cellars’ current releases.