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Today, almost all of our premium grapes come from Quail Run Vineyards, home to the many of the finest vineyard locations in the Rogue Valley. Founded in 1989 by Don and Traute Moore in Talent, OR on just 20 acres, they have succeeded in increasing their vineyard holdings to over 250 acres at 10 locations in the past 2 decades.

The Rogue Valley AVA , nestled among three geologically diverse mountain ranges, the Cascade, Siskyou and Coastal,  presents a unique and varied terrain. Each vineyard site has its own unique soil, elevation, microclimate and orientation to the sun that is best suited to particular types of grapes, and careful attention is paid to selecting which varietal will grow best in each vineyard location.

Quail Run practices sustainable agriculture by using cover crops to enrich the soil and provide a variety of habitats for the creatures that live among the vines. They do all harvesting by hand. They use drip irrigation to conserve water and constantly experiment with new clones, different trellis systems, and the proper irrigation for each type of grape. Their skilled work crews carefully custom-prune each vine based on its individual vigor and tend the vines throughout the season to achieve grapes of the best possible flavor.