Origins of Daniel Joseph Cellars

Our Story

Though at times we’re loath to admit it, the phenomenal value & character of our wines are as much the result of sheer cosmic chance, as they are of any particular brilliance, good taste, or plain hard work on our part.

Ironically, the most fortuitous event in our winemaking endeavor was the cancellation of our very first ‘custom crush’ contract and being introduced to consulting winemaker, Linda Donovan, as sort of a consolation prize.  This, in retrospect, was a bit like someone crashing into your Pinto and replacing it with an Aston Martin.  The wine gods had smiled upon us!

After interviewing us to ensure the purity of our intentions, Linda agreed to be winemaker on our first vintage in 2006.  A few years later, we became partners in a separate venture: Pallet Wine Co, Rogue Valley’s premier custom crush winery facility.  There, in addition to making all of our wines, Linda has blossomed into something like a ‘Helen Turley’ of the Rogue Valley, creating what we call a ‘vin-cubator’  for wine start-ups, crafting wine for over 2 dozen emerging labels, as well as tending to her own brand, L. Donovan Wines.

Of course, in life one shouldn’t expect things to work out exactly according to the business plan. But, in our case, it was all about the wine, anyway.